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The crane hat is even surprised!

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If someone from Australia is Australian what is the adjective used for someone from New Zealand?





swagmoneydoe replied to your post: i have so much highschool advice to gi…

How should a freshman act in front of seniors

dont block the hallyways talking to your friends or walk super slow also dont ever use a casette binder or have a huge ass ugly backpack its just embarassing. be chill n nice to everyone make all types of friends and try to make connections even over the silliest things like u both saw ur teachers buttcrack n now your buttcrack buddies ya know 

Dont treat seniors like royalty. They’re cool but not that cool. Don’t let them step on you either. If you make friends who are seniors be lenient with them here and there. They experience senioritis so they’re prone to flake on you and laying around for long periods of time. Oh and if you have a tshirt tuxedo or a tshirt with headphones you should give it to a homeless person.


I now have a mattress topper that feels like a cloud. That’s right ladies, i’m wet with condensation.



Weno y k paza

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I like Toronto a lot

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"You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to."

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artistic expression can happen in many ways. It isn’t always about drawing a picture, singing a song, playing music, or acting. The way you arrange your home or workspace is an artistic expression, as are how you dress and do your hair. Each thing you do is an expression of your style.




On a plane. Traveling back to the city that gave me a new life a year ago. Tampa knocked me down so hard I felt like a newborn billy goat among the appalachians. But I stood up and darted up the rocks past the crevices that would trap me for months. I have risen to the peak. The ‘beut’. And to quote the young japanese fellow at 4:00am after seeing the horizon sunrise, this is quite “beautiful”.

An indescribable thing when surroundings align with a life path. To be reborn on a redeye flight that was delayed twice with a whining little billy goat giggling and kicking behind me. Sometimes you can’t plan em. As we fly on this metal folded crane to Tampa I’m going to remember the beauty of life: in every push back the seats give me, in every grumble from my fellow man, in every gurgle and scream of the baby behind me, and every small communication I can have with a distant culture.

I’m crammed in this plane much like how I’m crammed in life. Right between the perishables and timebombs. You gurgle, you crawl, you wander and then you die. If we all realized how little time we had we’d either play hopscotch on the nearest interstate or we’d live like a man with a terminal disease. No one enjoys a moment quite like the dead. But I am reborn.

I will stare at the grand canyon for days and wonder of no one in particular.



Dolce & Gabbana - Milan Fashion Week - Fall-Winter 2013-2014

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hella bands

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